A Touch Of Romance: Spanish & Latin Favorites Transcribed For Guitar

Angel Romero

A Touch Of Romance Spanish Latin Favorites Transcr
  • CAT # 80213-25

    1. Romance (Anon.) 4:22
    2. Gaspar Sanz: Suite Espagnole: I. Prologo 1:55
    3. Gaspar Sanz: Suite Espagnole: II. Vilanos
    4. Gaspar Sanz: Suite Espagnole: III. La Esfachata de Napoles
    5. Gaspar Sanz: Suite Espagnole: - La Minena de Cataluna
    6. Gaspar Sanz: Suite Espagnole: IV.Gallarda
    7. Gaspar Sanz: Suite Espagnole: V. Zarabanda 1:55
    8. Gaspar Sanz: Suite Espagnole: VI. Espanoleta 2:06
    9. Sanz: Suite Espagnole: VII. Rujero y Paradetas 1:16
    10. Gaspar Sanz: Suite Espagnole: VIII. Danza de las Hachas 1:30
    11. Gaspar Sanz: Suite Espagnole: IX. Clarines y Trompetas 1:58
    12. Gaspar Sanz: Suite Espagnole: X. La Cavaleria de Napoles 1:41
    13. Gaspar Sanz: Suite Espagnole: XI. Torneo
    14. Gaspar Sanz: Suite Espagnole: XII. Batalla
    15. Gaspar Sanz: Suite Espagnole: XIII. Canario 2:33
    16. Agustin Pio Barrios: Three Pieces: Choro da Saudade (Nostalgic Cry) 4:45
    17. Agustin Pio Barrios: Three Pieces: Un Sueno en la Floresta 6:53
    18. Agustin Pio Barrios: Three Pieces: Aire de Zamba (Air of the Samba) 2:35
    19. Celedonio Romero: Suite Andaluza: I. Soleares 3:48
    20. Celedonio Romero: Suite Andaluza: II. Alegrias 3:50
    21. Celedonio Romero: Suite Andaluza: III. Tango 3:29
    22. Celedonio Romero: Suite Andaluza: IV. Zapateado 1:45
    23. Celedonio Romero: Suite Andaluza: V. Fantasia 3:25
    24. Isaac Manuel Francisco Albeniz: Leyenda (Asturias) 6:22
It’s almost impossible to think of the Spanish-speaking world without bringing to mind the Spanish guitar. Rare, indeed, is the individual who can resist the allure and intoxication of this fabled instrument. In this, his follow-up to the best-selling A Touch of Class, the gifted Angel Romero has a assembled an imaginative program featuring some of the finest, most popular and accessible compositions written in the last three hundred years that is guaranteed to please even the most discerning listener.

Angel Romero is one of the greatest exponents of the fine art of guitar playing. His Spanish ancestry, his years as a member of the famed Los Romeros Guitar Quartet (comprising his father and two brothers), and his current, thriving solo career, have all endeared this exceptional musician to devotees of the instrument throughout the world.

A Touch of Romance features some of the most technically demanding and masterful music ever composed for guitar. The Spanish-flavored program spans three centuries of music and ranges in tone from the charming 17th century Suite Espagnole of Sanz to the vivid evocation of Romero’s ancestral homeland, Suite Andaluza, composed by his chief musical inspiration, his famed father, Celedonio. These pieces, together with the rest of the recording, reveal Romero’s gift of musical interpretation, and are perfect are for languid, romantic summer evenings.

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