Almost Home

Larry Sparks

Almost Home
  • CAT # 11661-0662-25

    1. Almost Home 3:18
    2. Blue Mountain Melody 3:33
    3. Lines On The Highway 3:42
    4. Momma's Apron Strings 2:39
    5. Gunfighters Revenge 3:58
    6. Back Road 4:04
    7. There's More That Holds The Picture 3:33
    8. Picture Me There 3:11
    9. Send Me The Pillow You Dream On 3:03
    10. Bring 'Em On Back 3:17
    11. Momma 4:18
    12. Somebody Touched Me 3:16

Still lonesome after all these years, Larry Sparks is nearing half a century at the forefront of bluegrass. He counts that milestone from 1963, when a 16- year-old from Southwest Ohio became Ralph and Carter Stanley's lead guitarist. As Carter's health deteriorated, Sparks' role grew and soon after his brother's death in December 1966, Ralph hired Sparks to sing lead, setting the standard that remains to this day .Larry Sparks is one of the Greats of the music, one of the few who is a direct link to first generation bluegrass, and widely loved and respected as such. This is one of the very best Larry Sparks records of his entire decades-long career, arguably the most fully-realized record he's ever made.

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