Amazing Grace: American Hymns & Spirituals

Robert Shaw & Robert Shaw Festival Singers

Amazing Grace American Hymns Spirituals
  • CAT # 80325-25

    1. To God Our Strength (Psalm 81)
    2. Come Away to the Skies (words by Charles Wesley) 2:12
    3. Wondrous Love 4:02
    4. God is Seen 2:30
    5. Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal 2:10
    6. Bright Canaaan 2:16
    7. Amazing Grace 4:13
    8. His Voice as the Sound (words by Joseph Swain) 2:16
    9. I Will Arise (words by Rev. Robert Robinson) 1:19
    10. Saints Bound for Heaven (words attributed to E.J. King) 1:57
    11. Ride On, King Jesus 2:13
    12. Poor Mouner 3:19
    13. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 3:43
    14. Dere's No Hidin' Place 1:40
    15. My God is a Rock 4:14
    16. Sometimes I Feel Like a Moanin' Dove 4:53
    17. I Got Shoes 2:18
    18. Soon One Mornin' (arr. Gail Kubik) 2:58
    19. Same Train 2:33
    20. Lord, If I Got My Ticket 1:36

Robert Shaw leads his Festival Singers from France in the Shaw-Parker arrangements of spirituals for a cappella chorus.

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