Angeli: Music Of Angels

Ensemble P.A.N. With Tapestry

Angeli Music Of Angels
  • CAT # 80448-25

    1. Salve virgo virginum 2:34
    2. Arcanae: I. Seraphim 4:53
    3. Arcanae: II. Michael 3:33
    4. Arcanae: III. Lucis angeli 2:49
    5. O lilium convallium 3:21
    6. Custos desertorum 3:12
    7. Ego sum Custos Angela 3:02
    8. O vos Angeli 10:56
    9. Au renouvel 3:50
    10. Gaude Maria 11:23
    11. Te domine / Te dominum 2:25
    12. Sanctus Christe yerarchia 9:39
    13. O gloriosissimi lux 7:37

Telarc releases Angeli, a unique collection of works performed by the vocal group Ensemble P.A.N. The chants and polyphony of Angeli are based on nine angelic orders. Included are chants of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries as well as four important pieces that receive their recording premiere on this CD. Joining Ensemble P.A.N. is the vocal ensemble Tapestry, featuring Cristi Catt, Sandra Morales-Ramirez, Laurie Monahan, and Daniela Tosic. Also performing on Angeli are accomplished vocalists William Hite, Harlan B. Hokin, and Paul Cummings.

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