Anything Anytime Anywhere (Singles 1979-2002)

Bruce Cockburn

Anything Anytime Anywhere Singles 1979 2002
  • CAT # 11661-3180-2

    1. My Beat 4:34
    2. Wondering Where the Lions Are 3:42
    3. Tokyo 3:28
    4. The Coldest Night of the Year 4:24
    5. The Trouble with Normal 3:35
    6. Lovers in a Dangerous Time 4:06
    7. If I Had a Rocket Launcher 4:57
    8. Call It Democracy 3:51
    9. Waiting for a Miracle 4:50
    10. If a Tree Falls 5:42
    11. A Dream Like Mine 4:55
    12. Listen for the Laugh 4:05
    13. Night Train 6:11
    14. Pacing the Cage 4:37
    15. Last Night of the World 4:50
    16. Anything Anytime Anywhere 3:33

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Anything Anytime Anywhere (Singles 1979-2002) is the first U.S. Bruce Cockburn compilation collecting all his important singles onto one disc. The album features 16 songs, all remastered to state-of-the-art 24 bit digital, and includes two new tracks. Anything Anytime Anywhere includes the Top 40 hit 'Wondering Where The Lions Are,' the MTV and AOR hit 'If I Had A Rocket Launcher,' the Top 5 AAA hit 'Last Night Of The World,' and the brand new single 'My Beat.' Bruce Cockburn's career spans over 30 years with 25 releases, including 20 Gold & Platinum releases in his native Canada and 10 Juno Awards. His songs have been covered by such artists as Barenaked Ladies, Jerry Garcia, Jimmy Buffett, and Dan Fogelberg.

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