Art Farmer Quintet

Art Farmer Quintet

Art Farmer Quintet
  • CAT # OJCCD-241-25

    1. Forecast 4:48
    2. Evening In Casablanca 5:20
    3. Nica's Tempo 4:05
    4. Satellite 4:21
    5. San Souci 6:39
    6. Shabozz 5:32

In 1955 Art Farmer was still exclusively a trumpeter who, in the two years following his debut as a leader (Work of Art, Prestige 10-inch LP 162), had risen to the top of the class. The association with alto saxophonist Gigi Gryce that began in the Lionel Hampton band in 1953 was continued by Art and Gigi in New York. Gryce supplied most of the material for the group. His five originals in this set are notable for their departure from the usual 32-bar song form and their use of varying rhythms (and, in one case, the pentatonic scale). All of these devices, however, do not stick out as contrivances, but as organic aids to some soulful and thoughtful playing.

with Duke Jordan, Addison Farmer, Philly Joe Jones

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