Ballad And Folksinger, Vol. 3

Pink Anderson

Ballad And Folksinger Vol 3
  • CAT # OBCCD-577-25

    1. The Titanic 4:04
    2. Boweevil 3:58
    3. John Henry 3:53
    4. Betty And Dupree 4:42
    5. Sugar Babe 2:40
    6. The Wreck Of The Old 97 4:38
    7. I Will Fly Away 3:44
    8. The Kaiser 2:02
    9. In The Evening 2:44

Pinkney Anderson (1900-74) is today revered as one of the greatest of the Piedmont-style guitar-picking songsters, an inspiration to the British art-rock band Pink Floyd and to such folk-blues troubadours as Roy Book Binder and Paul Geremia. The South Carolina musician spent much of his career traveling with medicine shows and made only a handful of recordings. This is one of them, a rich sampling of his delightfully diverse repertoire of folk songs, blues, and rags. It is on such plaintive, rhythmically compelling performances that his considerable reputation stands.

The Titanic, Boweevil, John Henry, Betty and Dupree, Sugar Babe, The Wreck of the Old 97, I Will Fly Away, The Kaiser, In the Evening

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