Blue Skies

Stan Getz

Blue Skies
  • CAT # CCD-4676-25

    1. Spring Is Here 7:05
    2. Antigny 7:31
    3. Easy Living 7:44
    4. There We Go 8:02
    5. Blue Skies 6:35
    6. How Long Has This Been Going On? 5:52

This album was recorded in San Francisco in 1982 after the Stan Getz Quartet completed a two week engagement at what was then known as “Reflections / The Stan Getz Room,” high atop the Hyatt Union Square Hotel. The quartet was in fine form during the engagement; Stan and the band were in good spirits, and the music on this recording reflects particular easiness to it.

The album features Stan Getz on tenor saxophone, Jim McNeely on piano, Marc Johnson on bass, and Billy Hart on drums.

This album was recorded in San Francisco, CA, in January 1982.

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