Blues Over Bodega

Lu Watters

Blues Over Bodega
  • CAT # GTJCD-12066-2

    1. San Andreas Fault 4:54
    2. See See Rider 7:55
    3. The Villain 3:03
    4. Some Of These Days 2:44
    5. Blues Over Bodega 4:18
    6. Willie The Weeper 2:39
    7. Pork & Beans 3:05
    8. San Francisco Bay Blues 2:54
    9. Emperor Norton's Hunch 2:46

Blues Over Bodega offers a rare glimpse of Lu Watters in the later part of his life. It says, of course, that he could have been playing exciting jazz all along. The old fire is still there. The Watters tone, drive, and swing--and his place in the history of our music--make him an icon with few peers. When Lu began the Bodega Bay protest, I heard about it and sent a congratulatory telegram--this began our friendship. One thing led to another and eventually he wrote some lines for one of our records. It is quite amazing that I find myself, after so many years have passed, writing a few lines for the re-release of one of Lu's recordings--particularly this one. It's one of my desert island discs.

with Bob Mielke, Bob Helm, Bob Short, Monte Ballou, Wally Rose, Thad Vandan, Barbara Dane

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