Ultimate Mancini

Monica Mancini

Ultimate Mancini
  • CAT # CCD-2237-25

    1. The Pink Panther Theme 4:15
    2. Charade 2:59
    3. Two For The Road 3:56
    4. Moon River 3:10
    5. Moment To Moment 3:26
    6. Days Of Wine And Roses 4:15
    7. Peter Gunn Suite: Peter Gunn Theme 2:08
    8. Peter Gunn Suite: Dreamsville 3:19
    9. Dear Heart 2:42
    10. The Thorn Birds Theme 2:40
    11. Anywhere The Heart Goes (Meggie's Theme) 3:03
    12. Mr. Lucky 2:47
    13. Whistling Away The Dark 4:42
    14. Movie Medley: Life In A Looking Glass 1:58
    15. Movie Medley: Crazy World 2:24
    16. Movie Medley: It's Easy To Say 2:54
    17. Music On The Way 3:08
    18. Soldier In The Rain (Bonus)
    19. Pink Panther (Long Version) (Bonus)

Henry Mancini is an American Icon. Now with the 80th anniversary of his birth and the issuing of a commemorative stamp by the U.S. Postal Service, singer Monica Mancini and an all-star lineup of guest artists including Stevie Wonder, Take 6, Tom Scott, Kenny Rankin, Joey DeFrancesco and saxophonist Plas Johnson, who updates his classic recording of "The Pink Panther Theme" (it's the Panther's birthday, too: number 40) join together to celebrate Hank's greatest Oscar® and Grammy®-nominated hits. Concord Records invites you to join in the celebration of the definitive Hollywood composer and the definitive Mancini collection; Ultimate Mancini. “I rejoice with all lovers of Hank’s music at the arrival of this recording.” —John Williams “All bow before the High Priest of Hollywood Cool.” —Donald Fagen

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