Joey DeFrancesco

  • CAT # CCD-4890-25

    1. The Champ 13:03
    2. When You're Smilin' 7:16
    3. The Good Life 8:37
    4. Back Home Again In Indiana 10:56
    5. Medley #1: The Reverend / Yesterdays / My Romance 15:13
    6. Medley #2: The Skeezer / St. Thomas 11:20

October 28, 1999 at the San Francisco Jazz Festival was one of those nights where there was something special in the air even before a note had been played. Expectations were high among the crowd that packed into Bimbo’s 365 Club for the Festival’s fourth annual ‘B-3 Summit’- as one could probably imagine, given that that year’s Summit featured the reigning King of the instrument, Jimmy Smith, and the undisputed Crown Prince, Joey DeFrancesco.

Incredible! captures things as they were that night in San Francisco, a historic B-3 organ summit that lived up to its billing in every sense.

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