Canyon Lady

Joe Henderson

Canyon Lady
  • CAT # OJCCD-949-25

    1. Tres Palabras 6:45
    2. Las Palmas 9:55
    3. Canyon Lady 9:05
    4. All Things Considered 8:36

Joe Henderson celebrated his 1973 move to San Francisco by leading this winning Latin jazz set, where his tenor sax is supported by several of the Bay Area's finest musicians including legendary conguero Francisco Aguabella. The tenor giant clearly established rapport with pianist Mark Levine, who contributed two original compositions, and trumpeter Luis Gasca. It is Gasca's arrangement of the Mexican classic "Tres Palabras," which had been given an earlier jazz treatment by Kenny Burrell and Coleman Hawkins (see Bluesy Burrell, OJCCD-926-2). The program is rounded out by one of Henderson's own open-ended jams in 6/8 time. Like the rest of his Milestone albums from the period, this collection combines fresh concepts with Henderson's unmistakable sound and passion, and represents some of the most intense (and unjustly neglected) playing of his illustrious career.

with Oscar Brashear, John Hunt, Julian Priester, Nicholas Tenbroek, Hadley Caliman, Ray Pizzi, Vincent Denham, George Duke, Mark Levine, John Heard, Eric Gravatt, Carmelo Garcia, Victor Pantoja, Luis Gasca, Francisco Aguabella

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Joe Henderson, Gary Peacock, Roy Haynes.



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