Cascades / Rapid Transit


Cascades Rapid Transit
  • CAT # MCD-47088-25

    1. Club Morocco 4:14
    2. Cascade Of The 7 Waterfalls 4:46
    3. Through The Window 3:28
    4. Remembering Milton 5:38
    5. Festa Nativa 5:21
    6. A Woman 5:09
    7. Indian Pepper 5:33
    8. Make Mine Guarana 8:39
    9. Tarde (afternoon) 7:49
    10. Missing Doto 2:24
    11. Somewhere In Brazil 6:13
    12. I'm Just Looking Around 5:36
    13. Montreux 3:41
    14. Gate Of Time 2:43

Azymuth could pretty much do it all. The Brazilian trio of keyboardist José Roberto Bertrami, bassist/guitarist Alex Malheiros, and drummer/percussionist Ivan Conti, aka "Mamão" (all b. 1946), dazzled with multi-tiered virtuosity, conjuring whirlwinds and waterfalls, lunarscapes or rainforests. Certain locomotive sambas might morph into furious jams, suggesting a rock power trio, or the group could lay back as if taking a cue from Ahmad Jamal. Cascades and Rapid Transit, the two LPs paired herein, from 1982 and 1983, respectively, capture Azymuth when their trademark samba doido ("crazy samba") was reaching its apex in America. There is, of course, nothing remotely crazy about fusing various beautiful and provocative sounds from all over Brazil with electro-funk and jazz, and Azymuth, occasionally abetted here by some of Brazil's finest street and studio musicians, likely did it better than anyone, ever.

Club Morocco (Marrocos Clube), Cascade of the Seven Waterfalls (Salto das Sete Quedas), Through the Window (Entrando pela Janela), Remembering Milton (Lembrando Milton), Festa Nativa, A Woman (Uma Mulher), Indian Pepper (Pimenta Malagueta), Make Mine Guaraná (Só Bebo Guaraná, Mas), Afternoon (Tarde), Missing Dotô (Saudades do Dotô), Somewhere in Brazil (Em Algum Lugar do Brasil), I'm Just Looking Around, Montreux, Gate of Time (Portal do Tempo)

José Roberto Bertrami, Alex Malheiros, Ivan Conti (Mamão)
with José Carlos (Bigorna), Carlinhos da Mocidade, Sidney Moreira (Cidinho), Maurício Einhorn, Otávio Batéra de Nitéra

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