Sam Roberts Band

  • CAT # 01143-1144-25

    1. The Last Crusade 4:17
    2. Without A Map 4:05
    3. Let It In 4:17
    4. Graveyard Shift 4:27
    5. No Arrows 4:24
    6. Longitude 3:18
    7. Streets Of Heaven (Promises, Promises) 4:26
    8. Sang Froid 3:30
    9. Twist The Knife 4:13
    10. I Feel You 5:15
    11. The Band Vs. The World 4:09
    12. Partition Blues 4:10
    13. Tractor Beam Blues 4:55

On his fourth album, Collider, Sam Roberts reinforces the spirit of his band’s classic pop song-craft and infectious melodies that countless critics have fallen in love with, while at the same time exploring a world of rhythms, sounds and ideas beyond where they have gone before. Stepping onboard for his maiden Sam Roberts Band voyage, producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron and Wine) helps set the tone for this new sound. Best exemplified on the album’s first single, “The Last Crusade,” the song begins as a simmering soul shuffle before gradually intensifying into a brass-blasted Afro-funk blowout. Throughout the album guitars are used texturally to emphasize the rhythm, a tactic that ultimately shines great light on the band’s instantly memorable melodies and lyrical wisdom, resulting in some of their most affecting performances to date.

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