Come Along With Me

Eddie Jefferson

Come Along With Me
  • CAT # OJCCD-613-25

    1. Come Along With Me 4:13
    2. Son Of A Preacher Man 2:20
    3. The Preacher 4:47
    4. Yardbird Suite 7:07
    5. Dexter Digs In 3:50
    6. Please Leave Me Alone 5:01
    7. Baby Girl 3:34
    8. When You're Smiling 5:13

Not the first to construct elaborate vocal versions of instrumental solos, Eddie Jefferson nonetheless brought to that demanding craft expansiveness and joy that made him one of the most beloved figures in jazz. His voice, with its smile and its pleasant graininess, was complemented with an impeccable sense of swing and an instinct for nuances of phrasing that make the difference between authentic jazz expression and cornball imitations. Here Jefferson applies his magic touch to solos originated by, among others, Lester Young, Charlie Parker, and Dexter Gordon. He is abetted by a band that includes Barry Harris, Bill Hardman, and Charles McPherson, who create marvelous solos that, sadly, Jefferson is not around to transform.

Bill Hardman, Charles McPherson, Barry Harris, Gene Taylor, Bill English, Bill Foeman, the Eddie Jefferson Singers

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