Dem New York Dues

Don Patterson

Dem New York Dues
  • CAT # PRCD-24149-2

    1. Little Shannon 6:53
    2. Opus De Don 6:35
    3. Dem New York Dues 7:22
    4. Sir John 8:05
    5. Stairway To The Stars 4:48
    6. Oh Happy Day 7:18
    7. Perdido (instrumental) 7:06
    8. Good Time Theme 3:40
    9. Hip Trip 13:38
    10. Blue 'n' Boogie 8:11

While he never received the deserved acclaim at the time. Don Patterson (1936-1988) made as impressive a series of recordings during the 1960s as any jazz organist. In addition to the uncommonly wide dynamic range Patterson employed and his imaginative choice of material, he also had a knack for working with strong soloists. On this pair of inspired sessions, he begins by hosting Blue Mitchell and Junior Cook, the front-line team of Horace Silver’s classic quintet, plus guitar wizard Pat Martino. The second date includes three horn players who are still going strong a quarter-century later--underrated trumpeter Virgil Jones and a pair of major tenor saxophonists, George Coleman (who solos first on “Perdido” and second on his other appearances) and Houston Person.

with Blue Mitchell, Junior Cook, Pat Martino, Billy James, Virgil Jones, George Coleman, Houston Person, Frankie Jones

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