Pat Martino

  • CAT # OJCCD-397-25

    1. Blackjack 7:52
    2. Dearborn Walk 3:56
    3. Oleo 7:07
    4. Desperado 7:58
    5. A Portrait Of Diana 4:26
    6. Express 6:45

Having apprenticed since the age of 15 with Red Holloway, Jack McDuff, Willis Jackson, Sonny Stitt, and John Handy, guitarist Pat Martino went out on his own in the late 1960s. By early 1970, when this album was made, he was turning the heads of other guitarists and was recognized as a master of the instrument. Although much of his early experience was in relatively simple and direct blues-based music, Martino explored more complex forms as well. Both aspects are heard here from Martino's 12-string guitar in a band of fellow Philadelphians that includes the swinging and resourceful drummer Sherman Ferguson.

with Eric Kloss, Eddie Green, Tyrone Brown, Sherman Ferguson

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