Avishai Cohen

Devotion SCD 9021 2
  • CAT # SCD-9021-25

    1. El Capitan & The Ship At Sea 6:42
    2. The Gift 7:19
    3. Bass Suite #3, Part 1 3:22
    4. Ot Kain 6:34
    5. Angels Of Peace 2:55
    6. Ti Da Doo Di Da 5:22
    7. Linda De Mi Corazon 2:02
    8. Deep Blue 5:36
    9. Igor
    10. Slow Tune 5:00
    11. Negril 3:18
    12. Musa 5:18
    13. Candela City 5:00
    14. Bass Suite #3, Part 2 2:52

Avishai Cohen - the phenomenal young Israeli bassist/composer whose organic, acoustic bass anchors and propels Chick Corea's group "Origin" - presents Devotion. The follow-up to Cohen's stunning Stretch debut Adama - lauded as " of the strongest debuts in several years" (United Press International) and as "...auspicious not just for his career, but for jazz in general." (Jazziz) - Devotion finds the ever-inventive Cohen further developing an already distinctive, singular voice in creative music, as he seamlessly fuses the ethnic influences of his native land with polyrhythms and adventurous jazz improvisation. FEATURING: Avishai Cohen - acoustic & electric basses, piano, synthesizer, percussion Jason Lindner - paino Jimmy Greene - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone & flute Steve Davis - trombone Amos Hoffman - guitar & oud Jeff Ballard - drums & percussion with string quartet (on track)

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