Don't Look Away Now!

James Moody

Dont Look Away Now
  • CAT # OJCCD-925-25

    1. Don't Look Away Now 3:19
    2. Darben The Redd Foxx 7:10
    3. Easy Living 6:33
    4. Hey Herb! Where's Alpert? 3:36
    5. Hear Me 9:26
    6. When I Fall In Love 3:18
    7. Last Train From Overbrook 6:19

The consistently high creative level represented by a half century of James Moody's music is something rare. With Dizzy Gillespie or a Las Vegas pit band, as a European expatriate or one of the most popular jazz artists in America, Moody has always delivered solos that provoked both thought and smiles. On this 1969 album, a rare document from the period, Moody does not play flute, delivering a sax-exclusive recital over an exceptional rhythm section. "When I Fall in Love" and the title track feature alto, a pair of signature blues originals are revisited, and "Hey Herb! Where's Alpert?" is Eddie Jefferson's final appearance on a Moody session. Best of all are two contrasting examples, on the ballad "Easy Living" and the open-form "Hear Me," of Moody's tenor at its most expansive.

with Barry Harris, Bob Cranshaw, Alan Dawson, Eddie Jefferson

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