Don't Mess With The Dragon


Dont Mess With The Dragon
  • CAT # CCD-2305-25

    1. Can't Stop 2:56
    2. City Of Angels 3:16
    3. After Party 3:45
    4. Don't Mess With The Dragon 3:23
    5. La Gallina 3:05
    6. Magnolia Soul 3:21
    7. Here We Go 2:38
    8. La Temperatura 3:03
    9. Violeta 3:53
    10. Creo 3:15
    11. When I Close My Eyes 3:46
    12. La Segunda Mano 3:31

Combine equal parts Latin, hip-hop and worldbeat, stir in some catchy pop hooks and engaging lyrics, sprinkle with funky horns and exotic world instrumentation, and you’ve got the latest – and undoubtedly greatest – album by our own Ozomatli. This is their second studio album for Concord (the first, 2004’s Street Signs, won a Grammy® as Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album), and, with several includes the hits "Can't Stop," and "After Party." To quote All Music Guide: “Ozomatli are a new kind of American band, a band reflecting the multiracial and multicultural One World demographics of the 21st century.”

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