Doyle's Brunch


Doyles Brunch
  • CAT # PKD-8521-25

    1. Learn To Walk 4:54
    2. Senior Wilhelm 3:59
    3. Come And Get It 3:31
    4. Riders On The Storm 5:15
    5. Cali 4:21
    6. Mountain City Playhouse 2:55
    7. Dolan Hill 3:41
    8. Missing Kate 3:38
    9. City Chicken 3:37
    10. Little Edith 4:05
    11. Lonely Woman 4:24
    12. Knock Knock 3:07
    13. Doyle's Brunch 4:24

O'2L is an incredible collaboration between Jane Mangini and Al Pitrelli. Following up their self titled, debut album on Peak Records, Doyle's Brunch from O'2L is a unique blend of rock, jazz and chill music, creating a sonic journey without boundaries. Both Jane and Al come from diverse musical backgrounds.

Jane Mangini, trained at Berklee School of Music in Boston, has a passion for both blues and rock experimentation, which has helped develop her multiple keyboard/polyrhythmic playing skills. Having scored for television and radio, Jane developed her own sense of style which is the root of O'2Ls musical foundation. She is currently the lead pianist for the multiple platinum, Grammy nominated Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Al Pitrelli is one of the great rock guitarists on the scene today. In addition to being the musical director for the Trans Siberian Orchestra, Al has put his signature sound on various successful projects including: Celine Dion, Taylor Dayne, Megadeth, Alice Cooper and Asia, just to name a few. He is also one of the leading session guitarists in NYC working on many film and TV soundtracks. With 14 Gold and Platinum albums, Al Pitrelli continues to forge ahead with his own unique musical style as evidenced by his partnership with Jane in the formation of O'2L.

Now, sit back and get a taste of a unique musical experience with the distinctive sound of Doyle's Brunch from O'2L.

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An amazing conceptual project of jazzual mindscapes by Jane Mangini and Al Pitrelli of Trans-Siberian Orchestra! More