Early Art

Art Farmer

Early Art
  • CAT # OJCCD-880-25

    1. Soft Shoe 4:59
    2. Confab In Tempo 3:54
    3. I'll Take Romance 3:00
    4. Wisteria 4:32
    5. Autumn Nocturne 3:26
    6. I've Never Been In Love Before 8:30
    7. I'll Walk Alone 3:30
    8. Gone With The Wind 5:44
    9. Alone Together 5:56
    10. Pre Amp 3:35

Here are two sessions from 1954 that capture a young Art Farmer in excellent form, swinging hard where appropriate ("Confab in Tempo" and "Gone with the Wind") and creating winning vehicles for improvisation ("Soft Shoe," "Wisteria") while also inventing the beautiful solo lines that earned him respect as one of jazz's most lyrical players. The trumpeter also showed great taste in putting bands together, particularly on the earlier date, where the muscular tenor sax of a young Sonny Rollins provides inspired contrast and the underpinning is provided by what would prove to be the rhythm section of the year: Horace Silver, Percy Heath, and Kenny Clarke. (This trio also backs Farmer on The Art Farmer Septet OJCCD-054-2 and When Farmer Met Gryce, OJCCD-072-2.) Wynton Kelly, a relative unknown at the time, is present on the quartet tracks, enlivening them with his sparkling solos and nonpareil accompaniment.

with Sonny Rollins, Horace Silver, Percy Heath, Kenny Clarke, Wynton Kelly, Addison Farmer, Herbie Lovelle

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with Clifford Jordan, James Williams, Rufus Reid, Victor Lewis

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