Elizabethan Music For Dulcimer

Randy Willkinson

Elizabethan Music For Dulcimer
  • CAT # KMCD-3907-2

    1. Hit And Take It Alman/untitled Alman
    2. The Flatt Pavan 2:50
    3. Fortune My Foe 2:45
    4. The Woods So Wylde 2:56
    5. Goe From My Window 1:42
    6. Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home 3:32
    7. The Earle Of Salisbury Pavan 2:25
    8. Bonnie Sweet Robin 3:22
    9. Untitled Air/lady Hammond's Alman
    10. Lesson For Two Flutes 3:05
    11. Pakington's Pownde 3:24
    12. Tarleton's Resurrection/the Parlement

In the 1980s, Kicking Mule Records redefined dulcimer playing with albums like this: a well-conceived and executed collection of Elizabethan lute pieces transcribed for dulcimer and different small ensembles including guitar, second dulcimer, cello, recorder, and lute. Randy Wilkinson combines an academician's love of research with a musician's confident technique, impeccable taste, and exquisite tone. This very accessible and mellow record should please dulcimer pickers, Elizabethan scholars, and anyone who enjoys sweet, relaxed acoustic music.

with Michael Stromberg, Cyntia Smith, Saundra Nelson, Bruce Harrell, Frederick Noad

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