• Release Date: 18 Sep 1995
  • Label: PABLO
  • Genre: JAZZ
  • CAT # PACD-2620-108-25

    1. The Lord Is Heavy (A Spiritual) 6:09
    2. Fandangle (Ragtime) 1:16
    3. The Blues Never Left Me 5:00
    4. K.C. 12th Street (Kansas City Swing) 11:55
    5. Good Ole Boogie 5:02
    6. Basic Chords (Bop Changes On The Blues) 7:32
    7. Ayizan 14:20
    8. Chorus Sud 9:11
    9. Back To The Blues 14:38
    10. I Can't Get Started 4:06

Embraced is a momentous meeting of keyboard giants. Mary Lou Williams (1910-81) was, in fact, a one-woman history of improvised piano styles who also happened to be a first-class arranger and composer. Cecil Taylor (b. 1933) is nothing less than the most galvanizing and controversial piano improviser of, the past 40 years. Williams and Taylor, sometimes accompanied by bassist Bob Cranshaw and drummer Mickey Roker, joined forces before a live New York audience in 1977. While there are instances when they are not quite in sync., the two pianists often set off a kind of thunder and lightning that shakes improvised music to its very foundations.

with Bob Cranshaw, Mickey Roker

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At the age of 16, in 1926, Mary Lou Williams was an accomplished jazz pianist. The evidence is on recordings she made that year. By 1930, when she… More