English Madrigals

Quink Vocal Ensemble

English Madrigals
  • CAT # 80328-25

    1. Morley: Now is the month of Maying 2:00
    2. Morley: Farewell, disdainful 3:00
    3. Morley: No, no Nigella 3:40
    4. Pilkington: Why should I grieve? 4:01
    5. Pilkington: Sweet Phyllida 2:25
    6. Tomkins: Phyllis, now cease to move me 3:55
    7. Tomkins: Too much I once lamented 7:23
    8. Bateson: Those sweet delightful lilies 3:25
    9. Bateson: Phyllis, farewell 2:20
    10. Byrd: Come to me grief, forever 5:48
    11. Byrd: Come, woeful Orpheus 5:18
    12. Farmer: Fair Phyllis I saw 1:24
    13. Wilbye: Weep, weep, mine eyes 5:49
    14. Wilbye: (1st Part) I fall, I fall, O stay me 2:47
    15. Wilbye: (2nd Part) And though my love abounding 2:48
    16. Wilbye: Adieu, sweet Amaryllis 2:40
    17. Weelkes: The nightingale, the organ of delight 1:13
    18. Weelkes: Hark, all ye lovely saints 3:11

English Madrigals sung by Quink Vocal Ensemble.

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