Evergreen Everblue: 20th Anniversary


Evergreen Everblue 20th Anniversary
  • CAT # 11661-9114-25

    1. Evergreen Everblue 4:52
    2. Mama's Kitchen 3:31
    3. Big Beautiful Planet 3:23
    4. Alive and Dreaming 3:46
    5. Where I Live 4:05
    6. What's the Matter with Us? 3:42
    7. Our Dear, Dear Mother 3:15
    8. Just Like the Sun 2:44
    9. Clean Rain 3:07
    10. One Light, One Sun 2:09
    11. We Are Not Alone 4:10
    12. SustainABILITY 4:49
    13. COOL IT 3:58

Raffi's ecology album, recorded for older children, youth and adults as a celebration of the Earth and as a call to action, highlighting our power to preserve the planet for all generations. An important resource for sustainability education; used in classrooms to inform and inspire young people about sustainability issues. 'These songs marked a step in the evolution of my music which has always been based on honoring children to the understanding that creating a culture of respect' for both children and the Earth is the key to building a humane and sustainable world. This understanding evolved further into a philosophy I call Child Honoring a children-first way to heal communities and restore ecosystems. I founded the Centre for Child Honoring on Salt Spring Island, BC, to advance Child Honoring as a universal ethic.' Extra/bonus content will be included Two recent Raffi songs: 1. Cool It (the Global Cooling Song) - (2007) Cool It' is a musical call-to-action on Climate Change, urging the global community to come together to reduce C02 emissions. It is also a toe-tapping rockabilly tune on global warming the most pressing issue of the day, and perhaps our lifetimes. 2. Sustainability - (2009) From the album Communion, Raffi's most recent collection of songs for adults and youth. A melodic rendition of an all- important concept.

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