The Lenny Bruce Originals, Vol. 1

Lenny Bruce

The Lenny Bruce Originals Vol 1 MP3
  • Release Date: 15 Aug 1991
  • Label: FANTASY
  • Genre: OTHER
  • CAT # FCD-60-023-25

    1. The Interview 2:30
    2. Djinni In The Candy Store 1:57
    3. Enchanting Transylvania 2:58
    4. Interview With Dr. Sholem Stein 7:57
    5. The March Of High Fidelity 4:57
    6. Maria Ouspenskaya Interview
    7. Father Flotski's Triumph 7:57
    8. All Broadway Musicals Sound The Same
    9. Shorty Petterstein Interview 4:17
    10. Non Skeddo Flies Again 7:55
    11. The Kid In The Well 2:58
    12. Adolph Hitler And The M.C.A. 7:11
    13. Ike, Sherm, And Nick 6:01
    14. Psychopathia Sexualis 2:25
    15. Religions, Inc. 9:40
    16. Three Message Movies 5:00

The Interview, Djinni in the Candy Store, Enchanting Transylvania, Interview with Dr. Sholem Stein, The March of High Fidelity, Maria Ouspenskaya Interview, Father Flotski's Triumph (unexpurgated); All Broadway Musicals Sound the Same, Especially the Baritones; Shorty Petterstein Interview, Non Skeddo Flies Again, The Kid in the Well, Adolph Hitler and the M.C.A.; Ike, Sherm, and Nick; Psychopathia Sexualis, Religions, Inc., Three Message Movies (a. Narcotics, b. Truth, c. Tolerance)

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