Benny Reid

  • CAT # CCD-30051-25

    1. Destiny? 8:51
    2. Transient Melody 9:36
    3. Findings: A Quest For Peace 7:58
    4. Waves Of Red 7:46
    5. Dancing With My Father 9:22
    6. Legend 9:28

Benny Reid is a unique new voice on the contemporary jazz scene. Still in his twenties, his alto sax speaks with authority beyond his years, and his soaring, emotionally charged melodies make it immediately clear to the listener that this is a new jazz presence who will be with us for many years to come. Benny has surrounded himself with an ensemble of 5 of the best young players in the New York area and has produced this debut CD with the confidence and finesse of a veteran.

Features Benny Reid on alto saxophone, keyboards, and vocals on “Transient Melody” and “Waves Of Red;” Richard Padron on guitars; Aaron Goldberg on piano, Rhodes; Reuben Rogers on bass; Antonio Sanchez on drums; Jeff Taylor on vocals; and Ryan Fitch on percussion on “Destiny?” and “Dancing With My Father.”

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