Full Circle FCD 24768 2
  • CAT # FCD-24768-25

    1. Humphrey Bogart 4:03
    2. Play It Again, Sam 4:02
    3. As Time Goes By 5:00
    4. Bogie 3:29
    5. Key Largo 4:01
    6. Moanin' Low 3:55
    7. Am I Blue 2:41
    8. The Fat Man 3:04
    9. How Little We Know 3:18
    10. Peter Lorre 5:40
    11. Hong Kong Blues 3:48
    12. Too Marvelous For Words 3:12
    13. Cherokee 3:52
    14. To Jackie And Roy 5:40
    15. Sleigh Ride In July 4:04
    16. Never In A Single Year 6:46
    17. Full Circle 6:13
    18. Line For Lyons 5:52

Beginning in 1948, the husband-and-wife team of Jackie Cain (vocals) and Roy Kral (vocals/piano/arranger) played in the big leagues. The two albums joined herein--part jazz, part cabaret, and all classy--capture them doing their buoyant stuff, live and in the studio, in 1986 and 1988, respectively. The repertoire is a glittering mix of standards, adaptations of very hip jazz tunes (such as Gerry Mulligan's “Line for Lyons”), and material (sometimes co-written by Roy) tailored especially for their long-playing homage to Humphrey Bogart and his celluloid adversaries like Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre. Harmonizing sublimely, as is their wont, or engaging in solo vocal features, Jackie (b. 1928) and Roy (1921-2002) are accompanied either by a nifty trio or an all-star group of West Coast jazzmen that at times expands to a septet. Their music, like Bogart himself, is a triumph of style and substance.

with Monty Budwig, Conte Candoli, Bob Cooper, Jeff Hamilton, Seward McCain, Curt Moore, Bill Perkins, Bill Watrous

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