Gerry Mulligan Quartet / Chubby Jackson Big Band

Gerry Mulligan Quartet

Gerry Mulligan Quartet Chubby Jackson Big Band
  • CAT # OJCCD-711-25

    1. Carioca 2:25
    2. Line For Lyons 7:45
    3. Moonlight In Vermont 4:08
    4. Bark For Barksdale 3:10
    5. Turnstile 2:55
    6. The Lady Is A Tramp 5:39
    7. My Funny Valentine 2:57
    8. Limelight 2:50
    9. Gerry Mulligan Signing Off
    10. Flying The Coop 3:03
    11. Why Not 3:24
    12. So What 2:44
    13. I May Be Wrong 3:27
    14. New York 3:25
    15. Leavin' Town 2:31
    16. Hot Dog 3:23
    17. Sax Appeal 2:47

Although the immortal Gerry Mulligan Quartet with Chet Baker is generally associated with the World Pacific label, eight of its earliest and most popular titles were recorded for Fantasy in late 1952 and early ’53. All eight are present here, including such classics as “Line for Lyons,” “Moonlight in Vermont,” and “My Funny Valentine.” The weightless swing and the conversational interaction, as well as the subtle concepts of Mulligan, Baker, and drummer Chico Hamilton, all became highly popular and highly influential. The remaining titles find Mulligan in the context with which he was identified before launching the quartet--as writer and soloist with a large ensemble. Mulligan’s original “So What” became famous in later years under the title “Apple Core.” Chubby Jackson’s 1950 big band, the first to be recorded by Prestige, featured Howard McGhee, Georgie Auld, Zoot Sims, and Jay and Kai among the soloists, while Al Cohn and Tiny Kahn share the writing chores with Mulligan.

with Carson Smith, Chico Hamilton, Howard McGhee, Al Porcino, Don Ferrara, J.J. Johnson, Kai Winding, Zoot Sims, Georgie Auld, Charlie Kennedy, Tony Aless, Don Lamond

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