Good Nuff
  • CAT # PRCD-24282-25

    1. Good 'Nuff 6:32
    2. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen 7:13
    3. Sonja's Dreamland 3:28
    4. Besame Mucho 3:57
    5. Neckbones 6:13
    6. Delicious 4:18
    7. Y'all 7:46
    8. The Stinger 6:44
    9. There Is No Greater Love 5:34
    10. Brother John 3:56
    11. Cleopatra And The African Knight 5:04
    12. You Don't Know What Love Is 7:00
    13. Benny's Diggin' 4:17
Johnny "Hammond" Smith was part of the golden age of jazz organ that flourished for about 15 years, beginning in the mid-1950s. His own record label alone, Prestige, boasted such top organists as Shirley Scott, Brother Jack McDuff, Don Patterson, and Charles Earland. And looming over the entire crowded field of B-3 pilots was Jimmy Smith (no relation). Though not as well known as Jimmy, Johnny "Hammond" Smith (1933-1997) consistently scored on record, including the two LPs joined here. Recorded about three years apart, they're a mini-chronicle of developments in the organ-tenor-guitar field, from straight-ahead blues to boogaloos. In tenorists Willis "Gator Tail" Jackson and the then-up-and-coming Houston Person (who on the second half of this disc shares the sax slot with Earl Edwards), uncrowned organ king Smith drew a pair of aces, and ex-Jimmy Smith guitarist Eddie McFadden does his gritty-toned thing during this set's first half.

with Earl Edwards, John Harris, Willis Jackson, Eddie McFadden, Houston Person, Floyd Smith, Leo Stevens

Recorded June 1962, and May 1965.

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