Got To Find A Way

Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson

Got To Find A Way
  • CAT # 83445-25

    1. On Your Way Fishin' 3:42
    2. Got To Find a Way 4:57
    3. Luther's Blues 6:15
    4. Home Alone 4:28
    5. You Ought To Be Ashamed 4:39
    6. So Mean to Me 5:09
    7. I Pity the Fool 4:37
    8. Just Like Mama Said 4:05
    9. I Gotta Move Out of My Neighborhood 7:14
    10. I Got the Blues 3:34
    11. Talkin' on My Phone 4:44
Got To Find a Way is Telarc's second album from the leading purveyor of the bluesy "West Side Soul" sound featuring an all-star assemblage of current and former Magic Rockers cutting loose on twelve songs including a plaintive tribute to the late Luther Allison.

Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson delivers his own brand of Chicago Blues on this Telarc outing. He delivers pure emotion on all twelve songs, especially the poignant and moving tribute to compatriot, Allison. Johnson and his all-stars take the music in a fresh, powerful direction, clearly indicating that this veteran such acts as Muddy Waters’ band is prepared, with scorching guitar solos and plaintive voice, to take his place at the head of the table.

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On his third release, Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson emerges as the bona fide leader of the West Side guitar style with his unique blend of blues… More
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