Great Day

The Staple Singers

Great Day
  • CAT # MCD-47028-25

    1. Gloryland 3:07
    2. Everybody Will Be Happy 2:35
    3. Hear My Call, Here 4:10
    4. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen 2:34
    5. I'm Willin' (Part 1) 2:55
    6. I'm Willin' (Part 2) 3:15
    7. Great Day 2:02
    8. Do You Know Him? 2:14
    9. New-Born Soul 2:11
    10. A Dying Man's Plea 2:48
    11. New Home 3:45
    12. Wish I Had Answered 2:47
    13. A Better Home 3:17
    14. Old Time Religion 2:30
    15. Swing Down, Chariot 2:38
    16. Motherless Children 9:00
    17. Gamblin' Man 2:42
    18. I Know I've Been Changed 2:37
    19. Jesus Is All 3:32
    20. You Got Shoes 2:34
    21. What Are They Doing (In Heaven Today) 2:09
    22. Will The Lord Remember Me 2:50
    23. My Dying Bed 2:29
    24. Let Jesus Lead You 2:15
    25. Praying Time 2:07
    26. I Can't Help From Cryin' Sometime 2:17
    27. Masters Of War 4:34

Roebuck, Mavis, Cleotha, and Pervis Staples with Leonard Gaskin, Gus Johnson, Joe Marshall, Maceo Woods, Al Duncan, Phil Upchurch, Johnny Pate

Recorded 1962 & 1964.

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