Hard Working Man Blues

Memphis Willie B.

Hard Working Man Blues MP3
  • CAT # OBCCD-578-25

    1. Lonesome Home Blues 3:21
    2. L & N Blues 3:31
    3. Hard Working Man Blues 3:24
    4. Dying Mother Blues 3:38
    5. Honey Maker Blues 3:07
    6. P 38 Blues 3:27
    7. Funny Caper Blues 3:10
    8. Good Potatoes 2:18
    9. I Have Found Somebody New 3:12
    10. Uncle Sam Blues 3:37
    11. Wine Drinking Woman 3:34
    12. Car Machine Blues 3:17

Born in Memphis, Tennessee on November 11, 1911, singer, guitarist, and harmonica player William Borum worked as a professional musician only briefly--instead earning his living as a laborer--and saw the inside of a recording studio only twice in his lifetime. This album and its predecessor, Introducing Memphis Willie B. (OBCCD-573-2), were cut in his hometown in the space of a single day, August 12, 1961. “It would be difficult to express emotion with a more tersely honest simplicity and directness,” producer Samuel Charters said of Willie B.’s music. The Memphis bluesman may never have achieved fame and fortune from his music, but he drew on his life’s experiences to fashion blues poetry of the first order.

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In 1961, folklorist Sam Charters was in Memphis looking for someone who could sing “those real, old, hard blues” when Will Shade… More