• CAT # CCD-4983-25

    1. Anticipation 1:15
    2. Joy 4:41
    3. Heaven 5:14
    4. Waiting For You 4:07
    5. Slight Accent 5:33
    6. I Can Go On 4:26
    7. Bahia 5:47
    8. Who's Taking Care Of You 4:25
    9. Trust Me 5:13
    10. Closer 5:20
    11. River God 6:18
    12. Revelation 1:35

Prodigiously talented drummer, percussionist, producer, arranger, vocalist, and songwriter Sheila E. has created the ultimate album to showcase her myriad talents. With a little help from her friends -- including George Duke, Gerald Albright, Ray Obiedo, Paul Jackson, Jr., Eddie M., Lynn Mabry and many others -- Sheila E. ensures that all who hold an E-Ticket will enjoy the ride! With Sheila's heartfelt combination of contemporary Smooth Jazz, Urban, and all-inspiring sounds and rhythms, this is, in a word, Heaven. And with Sheila's riveting drumming and angelic melodies, it is an experience not to be missed! Featuring: Ace Bandage courtesy of Pi Gamma. Eddie M. courtesy of Gold Circle Records. George Duke courtesy of Warner Bros. Gerald Albright courtesy of Bright Music Prods. Michael O'Neill courtesy of Merrimack. Paul Jackson, Jr. courtesy of Blue Note Capitol. Ray Obiedo courtesy of Werewolf Prods. Rhonda Smith courtesy of Slow Wine Music. Lynn Mabry courtesy of Heaven Productions

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A funkified, contemporary jazz excursion from the most prodigiously talented; drummer/ percussionist/ vocalist on the planet, More