Honors 12 Super-Drummers - Their Time Was The Greatest!

Louis Bellson

Honors 12 Super Drummers Their Time Was The Greate
  • CAT # CCD-4683-25

    1. Hallelujah 4:29
    2. Liza 3:04
    3. 24th Day 6:08
    4. Brush Taps 5:06
    5. Well Alright Then 4:34
    6. Y-Not 3:59
    7. Stix & Bones 6:42
    8. Zig Zag 5:19
    9. It's Those Magical Drums In You 5:01
    10. Acetnam 3:48
    11. Our Manne Shelly 4:15
    12. All About Steve 6:29

On the album Their Time Was The Greatest, Louie Bellson celebrates not so much an era but the artistry, individuality yet simultaneous commonality of great time demonstrated by twelve significant drummers. Although their birthdates span more than half a century, all are contemporaries of Bellson, who was born on July 6, 1924. Except for Chick Webb, Louie has known each personality, has heard every one in live performance and has shared bandstands with more than a few.

He makes no attempt to replicate the sound or the style of the drummers he is honoring. Louie is not an imitator. The drumming and the roaring big band are identifiably Bellson. The writing is Bellson, too. All but the two openers are Bellson originals.

This album was recorded in Los Angeles, CA, on August 17 & 18, 1995.

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