Houseparty New Orleans Style: The Lost Sessions 1971-1972

Professor Longhair

Houseparty New Orleans Style The Lost Sessions 197
  • CAT # 11661-2057-2

    1. No Buts And No Maybes 2:12
    2. Gone So Long 4:40
    3. She Walk Right In 2:55
    4. Thank You Pretty Baby 3:57
    5. 501 Boogie 2:14
    6. Tipitina 4:22
    7. Gonna Leave This Town 2:44
    8. Cabbagehead 3:52
    9. Hey Little Girl 3:54
    10. Big Chief 3:17
    11. Cherry Pie 4:26
    12. Junco Partner 3:03
    13. Every Day I Have The Blues 4:23
    14. G Jam 2:16
    15. Dr. Professor Longhair 4:29

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The rediscovered tapes of Longhair's 'lost' 1971 sessions yielded some of the best recordings of his career. Along with vigorous treatments of some of his best-known songs ('Tipitina,' 'Big Chief'), many of the songs heard here are ones he'd never previously recorded. Guitarist Snooks Eaglin and drummer Zigaboo Modeliste are featured on many tracks. 1988 Grammy Award winner.

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Click here to purchase this album on Amazon.comProfessor Longhair is indisputably one of the legends of New Orleans music, a major… More