Paul Taylor

  • CAT # PKD-8506-25

    1. Hypontic 4:37
    2. Flight 808 4:34
    3. Pt Cruiser 4:47
    4. Tuesday Afternoon 4:54
    5. Dream State 4:27
    6. Sunshine 4:51
    7. Pendulum 4:36
    8. Come Over 4:37
    9. Summer Park 3:43
    10. Free Fall 4:05
    11. Palisades 4:22

Sensuous, sultry and seductive are only a few words that describe the innovative sax styling of Paul Taylor on his new album Hypnotic. This saxman is on the brink of stardom combining his unique "sweet" sound with R&B, funk grooves and mood-setting melodies. A truly original player with a flair for creating silky smooth soundscapes, Paul Taylor's latest release is sure to leave you in a totally Hypnotic state!

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