I Wish I Were Twins

Zoot Sims

I Wish I Were Twins MP3
  • CAT # OJCCD-976-25

    1. I Wish I Were Twins 5:10
    2. Georgia On My Mind 7:08
    3. Changes 5:15
    4. The Touch Of Your Lips 3:54
    5. The Fish Horn 7:57
    6. Come Closer To Me 5:37
    7. You Go Your Way 7:37

In the last years of his life, Zoot Sims formed a studio partnership with Jimmy Rowles that produced some of the most eloquent and timeless music of the era. Their approach was simple--get together with a felicitous rhythm section whenever Rowles had a break in his duties as Ella Fitzgerald's accompanist and record a slew of worthy (if often obscure) pop songs to which Sims could apply his unfailing swing and ever-deepening passion. Rowles, who assumed primary responsibility for repertoire, came up with such uncommon numbers as the title track, "Changes," and "You Go Your Way" for this volume of the series; while Sims, who is otherwise heard playing his more familiar tenor throughout, contributed his own "The Fish Horn" as a feature for soprano sax. The urge to speak old truths on out-of-the-way material drove both Sims and Rowles to create a body of music whose value grows only more obvious with the passage of time.

with Jimmy Rowles, Frank Tate, Akira Tana

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with Barney Kessel, Victor Feldman, Ray Brown, Charlie Haden, Billy Higgins

Recorded September 27, 1981.



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