I'm A Mountain

Sarah Harmer

Im A Mountain
  • CAT # 01143-1084-2

    1. The Ring 3:08
    2. I Am Aglow 2:43
    3. Oleander 3:27
    4. I'm a Mountain 3:09
    5. Goin' Out 4:58
    6. Will He Be Waiting for Me? 3:34
    7. Escarpment Blues 3:59
    8. The Phoenix 3:54
    9. Salamandre 2:36
    10. Luther's Got the Blues 3:50
    11. How Deep in the Valley 5:07

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Sarah Harmer talks about her new album, 'I'm a Mountain':

'My friend gave me a Tarot card reading over the phone one night as I was watching TV with a guitar in my lap. 'I've drawn a mountain,' she said. 'I'm a mountain,' I said. So began a song that became the title track of my new record. Most of these songs have been milling about in my mind for a while now; some I started writing back when I put down the electric guitar and ding-digga-dinged my way through summer on the back porch. All of them live in the same wide frame and seem to belong together.'

'I'm a Mountain,' Sarah's third Zoƫ release, is a beautiful collection of folk and country tinged originals, accompanied by a few choice covers, including Dolly Parton's 'Will He Be Waiting For Me.'

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