Ivory Expeditions

Tom Coster

Ivory Expeditions
  • CAT # FCD-24749-25

    1. You Said 3:17
    2. Magical Moments 4:27
    3. I Give My Heart To You 6:35
    4. Angels Have Wings 2:50
    5. The Dragon 2:43
    6. The Prince 3:12
    7. Can't You Stand It 3:40
    8. Ciao 3:48
    9. Zulu Queen 5:16
    10. Caravan 1:22
    11. Gigu 5:48
    12. Till We Meet Again 4:57
    13. Caught In The Act 6:05
    14. Ivory Expedition 5:47
    15. Monkey See, Monkey Do 1:51
    16. I Give You My Love 5:31
    17. Sacrifice At Dawn 6:27
    18. Journey's End 3:43

For six key years (1972-1978), Tom Coster had a big hand in the influential sound and success of the group Santana, where he served as keyboardist, co-producer, and writer or co-writer of much of that group's material (notably the hits "Europa" and "Dance Sister Dance"). When Coster finally stepped out to record his first solo albums -- T.C. (1981) and Ivory Expedition (1983), paired on this CD reissue -- he brought to the task a gift for composing beautiful, evocative melodies; a unique jazz/rock sensibility (honed in bands led by Gabor Szabo and Billy Cobham, as well as Santana); and an innovative, musical approach to synthesizer technology. "The styles, the structures, and especially the smart playing by Coster and his band," writes annotator Larry Kelp, "define a time and musical development that remains contemporary."

with Joaquin Lievano, Randy Jackson, Steve Smith, Walter Afanasieff

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