La Vienta

  • CAT # 83353-25

    1. Tu Sonrisa 4:40
    2. Train to Paris 4:47
    3. Skeleton Samfa 3:25
    4. San Miguel 3:09
    5. Summer Rain 4:19
    6. Mecca 4:46
    7. My Desert Home 5:18
    8. Moroccan Face Dance 6:10
    9. Isle of Hope 5:08
    10. Spanish Invasion 5:28
    11. Paisano 3:48
    12. Legend of Triana 5:29
    13. Paco's Night Out 5:26
    14. Shores of Spain 5:11

La Vienta is an exciting and original group that blends the passion and fire of flamenco, the spontaneity of jazz, and the broad appeal of world music and rock. Hailing from the American southwest, the band's eclectic style has attracted the attention of both musicians and listeners worldwide.

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For their third Telarc release, La Vienta concentrates on creating especially romantic melodies. Forgotten Romance finds Schyga and Otero… More
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