Jump Jack Jump!

Wynona Carr

Jump Jack Jump
  • CAT # SPCD-7048-25

    1. Jump, Jack, Jump 2:16
    2. 'til The Well Runs Dry 2:03
    3. Boppity Bop, Boogity Boog 2:26
    4. Should I Ever Love Again? 2:36
    5. I'm Mad At You 2:07
    6. Old Fashioned Love 2:09
    7. Hurt Me 2:17
    8. It's Raining Outside 2:04
    9. Nursery Rhyme Rock 1:56
    10. Ding Dong Daddy 2:07
    11. Someday, Somewhere, Somehow 2:40
    12. Act Right 2:41
    13. What Do You Know About Love 2:46
    14. Now That I'm Free 2:37
    15. Heartbreak Melody 2:50
    16. Please, Mr. Jailer 3:01
    17. Weather Man 2:34
    18. If These Walls Could Speak 2:56
    19. Touch And Go 2:12
    20. If I Pray 2:27
    21. Finders Keepers 1:54
    22. Things You Do To Me 2:30
    23. How Many Times? 2:18
    24. Give Me Your Hand To Hold 2:19

Art Rupe had been enamored of Cleveland, Ohio singer-songwriter Wynona Carr's seemingly limitless creativity ever since he signed her as a gospel artist to Specialty Records in 1949. When she informed him in 1955 that she wanted to switch to secular music, he was instantly supportive. A deeply emotive vocal stylist with a gift for novel metaphor, Carr poured her soul into the Specialty pop sides she cut between 1955 and 1959, 23 of which are collected herein (along with one gospel selection). These fervent slices of bluesy rock n' roll are easily on par with Ruth Brown and LaVern Baker's work of the same period.

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