Clifton Anderson

  • CAT # MCD-9266-25

    1. P.G. (From Whom All Blessings Flow) 5:54
    2. Mommy 9:06
    3. Landmarks Along The Way 5:33
    4. Princess Neh Neh 6:21
    5. I've Never Been In Love Before 8:30
    6. My One And Only Love 7:50
    7. I Thought It Was Understood 5:57
    8. Thanks 5:50

P.G. (From Whom All Blessings Flow), Mommy, Landmarks Along the Way, Princess Neh Neh, I've Never Been in Love Before, My One and Only Love, I Thought It Was Understood, Thanks

with Wallace Roney, Kenny Garrett, Monty Alexander, Bob Cranshaw, Al Foster, Victor See Yuen

Recorded January 30-31, 1995.

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