Last Night! / Do The Pop-Eye

The Mar-Keys

Last Night Do The Pop Eye
  • CAT # SCD-88041-25

    1. Morning After 2:12
    2. Diana 1:56
    3. Alright, Okay, You Win 2:24
    4. Sticks And Stones 1:57
    5. Misty 4:15
    6. Night Before 2:10
    7. About Noon 2:31
    8. One Degree North 2:13
    9. Sack O' Woe 4:24
    10. Hold It! 2:03
    11. EBB Tide 3:40
    12. Last Night 2:39
    13. Pop-Eye Stroll 2:40
    14. Wimp-Burger 2:30
    15. Straight From The Can 2:00
    16. 'Cause I Love You 2:36
    17. Squint-Eye 2:00
    18. Pop-Eye Rider 2:22
    19. It's Gonna Work Out Fine 3:02
    20. Sit Still 2:08
    21. Too Pooped To Pop-Eye 2:31
    22. Sweet-P Crawl 2:04
    23. Muscles A-Comin' Home 2:20
    24. Sailor Man Waltz 2:42

The seeds of the Memphis soul sound were planted in 1961 when members of an all-white R&B band called the Mar-Keys got together with several black musicians to cut "Last Night." The catchy blues instrumental proved ideally suited to dancing the twist and became a national pop and R&B smash. Unavailable in North America for nearly forty years, the Mar-Keys' first two albums once again see the light of day with this reissue, which sports fascinating, richly researched notes by Stax historian Rob Bowman. Mar-Keys charter member Steve Cropper contributes his signature guitar licks to most selections, while studio organist Booker T. Jones is featured on the second half of the program, conceived with the pop-eye dance craze in mind. The twist and pop-eye may have passed from fashion long ago, but the Mar-Keys' music retains a timeless quality.

Charles "Packy" Axton, Gilbert Caple, Steve Cropper, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Curtis Green, Howard Grimes, Wayne Jackson, Booker T. Jones, Floyd Newman, Jerry "Smoochy" Smith, Lewie Steinberg, Marvell Thomas

Recorded in 1961 and 1962.

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