Lefty's Old Guitar

J.D. Crowe & The New South

Leftys Old Guitar
  • CAT # 11661-0512-2

    1. Mississippi River Raft 2:17
    2. Lefty's Old Guitar 3:36
    3. Just Loving You 2:25
    4. Rovin' Gambler 3:00
    5. In My Next Life 3:47
    6. You Can Be a Millionaire with Me 3:01
    7. I Only Wish You Knew 3:34
    8. Loneliness 2:01
    9. I'm a Hobo 2:21
    10. Too Often Left Alone 2:26
    11. Blue Bonnet Lane 2:33
    12. She Knows When You're On My Mind Again 3:05

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One of the true pioneers of contemporary bluegrass, J.D. Crowe has inspired generations of musicians with his visionary skills as a bandleader, his insightful and groundbreaking ability to expand the bluegrass repertoire, and his impeccable banjo playing. Not content to rest on his legendary status, Crowe continues to refine his approach on Lefty's Old Guitar. Making their recorded debut, this lineup of the New South is among the most versatile and soulful outfits J.D. has ever assembled, capable of tackling everything from sleek, straight-ahead bluegrass to more hard-country and folk-influenced songs. Long anticipated, Lefty's Old Guitar is a powerful testament to J.D. Crowe's vast influence, the talents of the New South, and Crowe's ever-evolving ability to reinvent classic bluegrass into something entirely his own.

'Even after more than fifty years in the business, J.D. Crowe still has a lot to say musically. This exciting collection of songs along with this wonderful configuration of musicians bears witness, and certainly adds proudly to his continuing legacy.' -Eddie Stubbs, WSM Grand Ole Opry Announcer

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