Lehar Paganini
  • CAT # 80435-25

    1. Lehar: Paganini: Violin Solo 4:37
    2. Lehar: Paganini: L'Empereur Napoleon! 1:58
    3. Lehar: Paganini: Bella Italia 2:03
    4. Lehar: Paganini: Boundless feeling 2:51
    5. Lehar: Paganini: The devil's price 2:02
    6. Lehar: Paganini: Pimpinelli, bel Signor 2:31
    7. Lehar: Paganini: Finale, Act One: Our Highness, Anna Elisa 12:22
    8. Lehar: Paganini: La Dolce Vita calls 3:33
    9. Lehar: Paganini: Girls were made to love and kiss 2:57
    10. Lehar: Paganini: In a golden dream 2:48
    11. Lehar: Paganini: Let your hair down and kick up your heels 2:39
    12. Lehar: Paganini: Love, live forever 2:37
    13. Lehar: Paganini: Who could love you more than I? 4:48
    14. Lehar: Paganini: Finale, Act Two: Paganini, you're in danger here 11:12
    15. Lehar: Paganini: Ah, che vita romantica 1:49
    16. Lehar: Paganini: Melodrama and Reminiscence 1:28
    17. Lehar: Paganini: You'll take me to the opera 2:02
    18. Lehar: Paganini: Who'll sing along with me tonight? 2:41
    19. Lehar: Paganini: Finaletto, Act Three: No one woman should possess you 1:53

It must have felt eminently fitting to Franz Lehar, himself a proficient violinist, to write an operetta based on episodes in the life of the great virtuoso Paganini. Dispensing with the idea of an overture for Paganini, he even caused the show to open with an extended violin solo, almost like a miniature concerto. The story is set in Italy, at the court of Princess Anna Elisa Bacchiocchi (sister to Napoleon), and the score contains Lehar's customary impassioned and beautiful love duets, and tenor arias (written with the great tenor of the times, Richard Tauber, in mind). Jerry Hadley admirably takes over Tauber's roles on both of these recordings.

As on previous releases of The Czarevitch (CD-80395) and The Land of Smiles (CD-80419), the works are sung in English.

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