Lem's Beat

Oliver Nelson

Lems Beat
  • CAT # OJCCD-1785-25

    1. Eddy's Dilemma 11:41
    2. Lem & Aide 8:01
    3. Friendly Persuasion 4:11
    4. Your Last Chance 6:53
    5. Lady Day 2:54
    6. Just Friends 5:18

During his tragically brief career, vibist Lem Winchester established a strong affinity with Oliver Nelson that really blossomed on this sextet date. With Nelson arranging all of the tracks, contributing three originals and adding his own tenor solos, Lem's Beat becomes far more than a standard-issue blowing session. The spotlight remains on the leader, however, who is most eloquent on the ballads "Friendly Persuasion" and "Lady Day," the latter a striking original composed by his friend Roy Johnson.

with Curtis Peagler, Billy Brown, Roy Johnson, Wendell Marshall, Arthur Taylor

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