Life Short Call Now

Bruce Cockburn

Life Short Call Now
  • CAT # 11661-3244-2

    1. Life Short Call Now 5:32
    2. See You Tomorrow 4:20
    3. Mystery 5:50
    4. Beautiful Creatures 5:09
    5. Peace March 3:32
    6. Slow Down Fast 3:39
    7. Tell The Universe 5:14
    8. This Is Bagdad 6:21
    9. Jerusalem Poker 5:33
    10. Different When It Comes To You 2:50
    11. To Fit In My Heart 6:06
    12. Nude Descending a Staircase 4:23

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Bruce Cockburn's first studio album in 3 years finds the acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter at the top of his game. The 29th album in a career that's midway through its fourth decade, Life Short Call Now is wide-ranging, playful and adventurous, eager to take chances and happy to push limits. The songs run the gamut from the jangly first single, 'Different When It Comes to You,' to the classic folksong cadences of 'Mystery,' and from the vocal intricacies of Ani DiFranco's harmonies on 'See You Tomorrow' to the deadpan modernism of the jazzy instrumental 'Nude Descending a Staircase.' Cockburn's insightful observations on life, love, politics, and the environment are as sharp as ever, and longtime fans and new fans alike are sure to be won over by this sterling album.

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