Live At Sugar Hill, Vol. 2

John Lee Hooker

Live At Sugar Hill Vol 2
  • CAT # FCD-7714-25

    1. You Torture My Soul 3:43
    2. Bottle Up And Go 3:03
    3. Come Back Baby (Let's Talk It Over) 3:29
    4. Catfish Blues 3:35
    5. What's The Matter Baby 3:34
    6. Jelly Jelly 3:35
    7. The Things That I Used To Do 2:58
    8. Taxi Driver 4:01
    9. I Love No One But My Baby 3:32
    10. Crawlin' King Snake 5:00
    11. I Can't Hold On 4:11
    12. How Can You Do It 3:29
    13. Let's Get It 2:14
    14. Sinner's Prayer 5:10
    15. That's All Right 4:08
    16. What'd I Say 5:30
    17. You Don't Miss Your Water 4:19
    18. Third Degree 3:46
    19. Five Long Years 4:08

Whether generating boogie lightnin' on electric guitar at Henry's Swing Club on Hastings Street in Detroit or creating back porch-style country blues as he did in November 1962 at Sugar Hill on Broadway in San Francisco, John Lee Hooker seldom failed to satisfy his legion of fans. Hooker's Live at Sugar Hill album--currently available as part of the Fantasy CD Boogie Chillun (FCD-24706-2)--stands as one of the most intimate performances in his extensive discography. Now, 40 years later, come 19 equally commanding selections from the very same club date, among them such Hooker favorites as "Crawlin' King Snake" and "Catfish Blues" and Hookerized treatments of numbers by Ray Charles, Lowell Fulson, Guitar Slim, and Eddie Boyd--all delivered entirely solo, in the unique, timeless John Lee Hooker fashion.

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